Visualize Leading Topics of Conversation
with Topic Clusters

The all new topic clusters graph helps you connect the dots within social conversations to pinpoint how related topics are most connected to each other. In a matter of seconds, this visualization maps out the most mentioned topics and words related to them within your search so you can quickly make sense of the online conversation.

Interactive topic clusters

Instantly Map Out Keyword Associations

  • Reveal leading topics and related topics within conversation instantly, accurately, and intuitively
  • Visualize, identify, and automatically group related words and phrases inside an interactive topic map
  • Use topic clusters to tell the story behind an increase in conversation or a particular metric like sentiment, emotions, or themes
influencer + Brand analysis

Understand the people and companies driving conversation

  • Learn which influencers and accounts consumers associate with product campaigns or other topics
    Find new related social accounts to your brand, product, or influencers
    Refine your search using hundreds of filters to find related accounts within specific mentions
Intelligent, Fast, Precise

Link Personas + Bio Keyword Associations

  • Pinpoint audiences describe themselves
  • Use source bio clusters to identify and define audience segments
  • Use related source bio keywords to build personas
One-of-a-kind Consumer Insights

Analyze Hashtag + Emoji Associations

  • Quickly pinpoint top hashtags and map out how they are related or mentioned together
    Understand impact of hashtag campaigns and how consumers associate with branded hashtags
    See how emojis are expressed online for different topics and which are most mentioned together