brand Marketer

Get unique, must-have insights on your brand, its customers, fans, competitors, influencers and overall health. The versatile research capabilities and measurements offered can be applied across teams and functions, from strategy to creative to media. You won’t find this data anywhere else.

Brand marketers use Infegy's consumer insights platform for:

competitive analysis

Use the entity-based search system and seamlessly analyze and cross-compare brands, audiences and influencers in one view for the ultimate competitive intelligence

Audience Segmentation + Personas

Refine your audience research with flexible queries and dozens of categorical and demographic filters like topics, age-range, language, geography, interests and more.

product analysis

Dig deep into audience analysis data on emotions and consideration themes such as quality, service, acquisition, and purchase intent.

campaign analysis

The most accurate and in-depth sentiment analysis to understand consumer sentiment and feeling toward your brand, products, campaigns and more.

brand health

Understand your brand’s place in the industry with precise share of voice analysis and a broad range of brand health metrics.

market-level analysis

Distill your audiences, customers, fans and influencers down to the finest data points around demographics, psychographics and media-market level based geography.

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