TikTok Trends and User Insights 
for Brands and Agencies

TikTok has taken over - culture, lifestyles, and consumer buying. These are the user insights your brand can’t miss. 

TikTok is replacing other channels as the stalwart channel for sharing lives and lifestyles with the masses. It’s the go-to for young users, employees, customers, and dreamers. The filtered world of Instagram has been replaced by the real, authentic one offered by TikTok content. With that emerging trend, you will find incredible, unique, actionable consumer insight. Without TikTok analytics, you’re missing out on must-have information about audiences from all walks of life.

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TikTok At A Glance

Whether you’ve accepted or not, this is a fact: your audiences are on TikTok. The social media platform harnesses the bite-sized, discoverable elements of Instagram and the real and relatable of live streaming to deliver a rapidly-growing and addictive social media platform. With 800 million monthly active users and users spending an average of 52 minutes per day on the app, if your brand isn't in tune with this new platform, you're missing out (along with 96% of social media marketers not using the platform).
Highly optimized to individual users (“For You” Page)
Addictive - some even started #TikTokRestArea to help take a break from scrolling
Influencers are more influential
Majority of posts on Tiktok don’t contain as much copy as a social post from other platforms
Hashtags are key to linguistic analysis; in this report we prioritize them over conversation topics 

There Are 4 Main Categories of Posts Brands Need To Know

Posts consisting of direct conversations with viewers. Often no music or editing is needed. Authenticity shines here.

: Reviews, professional advice, DIY, employee posts

Trends &
Content based around fun or funny challenges or dances that are easy for average users to replicate. A combination of the right hashtags, songs, and video effects are key. Optimal category for brand campaigns. 

: Dances, challenges, effects, songs, sounds

Influencer Entertainment
Content created by influencers with a large and/or passionately engaged following. Has a higher production value. Is less easy to recreate but widely shared.

: Aspirational content, modeling, hauls, travel,  singing to dancing, and more

Real &
Raw relatable, funny, tragic, or shocking stories and experiences shared in quick sound bites. Often they are broken up into parts. Moms and angsty teens are notable audiences in this category. 

: mini-vlogs, story time, comedy


Influential + Authentic: Brands Can Leverage TikTok to Drive Product Adoption

Employees may be the holy grail of TikTok brand opportunities. They offer authentic, slice-of-life content that captivates audiences and keeps them coming back for more (Informative). They drive engagement with and about brands, becoming valuable source of data about audiences (Influencers). Employees are in the middle of the action, helping them make connections with customers and the community with relatable content (Real and Raw). Employees are more trusted by consumers than corporate messaging, meaning brands can leverage their influence as brand and product promoters.

Brand Example: Starbucks Employee’s Drove Product Usage Through Viral Content

Baristas and other Starbucks employees have nurtured a thriving community on TikTok that drives high engagement about the brand. Without the company’s involvement, this far-reaching conversation organically drove interest in new Starbucks products and new custom drinks, leading to customers entering the store and asking for the “TikTok” drink. 

The “TikTok Drink”... yeah, that’s a thing

Baristas posting on the platform were responsible for a new fan favorite drink: white mocha with sweet cream cold foam and extra caramel drizzle. The drink is often requested by customers as the “TikTok drink”.


Informative TikTok Content Drives Buying Behaviors

TikTok users express behavioral themes like purchase intent, quality, loyalty, and churn at a high rate. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has millions of uses on the platform. This makes TikTok a prime channel for product marketing and understanding consumer behavior. Certain categories generate more buzz and would be ideal for TikTok centered marketing initiatives. 


Female audiences like Moms make up a significant portion of the "#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt" audience. Content for this hashtag tends to be more positive and express more emotions, and these audiences are highly engaged. 


Authentic + Trend Driven:
Employees Hold the Key to Brand Perception and Hiring 

Trends and challenges on TikTok are light-hearted and fun. Brands can use this in these unique ways: increasing perceptions about the brand, showing the fun side of jobs to encourage applications, or getting consumers to try products. TikTok content that highlights manual processes, workers having fun, artistic talents of workers, or employees having emotional bonds with community members (like dogs or kids) drive conversation about the job and the brand.

Example:  UPS Drivers Are Key Brand Ambassadors

Organically growing conversation with and about employees, such as delivery drivers, proves the power of leveraging employee personalities on TikTok. The high volume and rapidly expanding topics and user interests shared online validate implementing a robust employee TikTok strategy.

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