How Generation Z Shops, Buys, and Interacts on Social Media

You can’t ignore how Generation Z talks and interacts online. Their conversations contain key data about how they shop, why they buy, and how brands can connect with them. This report pinpoints key conversational insights that reveal surprising new information about Gen Z.

Here’s the simple truth: Gen Z talks online about how and why they buy, the brands they love, and their interests and pain points more than any other generation. All you have to do is listen.

The Social Insights Report on Gen Z Purchasing and Social Media Behaviors uncovers what you need to know on how Gen Z consumers think, feel and buy. This is data on Gen Z you won’t find anywhere else.

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Gen Z talks about purchases more than any other generation

Gen Z discusses what they buy or plan to buy more than any other group. This is key to know if you’re a brand or agency looking to understand how the largest generation talks about purchases they make or intend to make in the future.

Gaining trust is key for the least trusting generation

Many members of Generation Z view the world with a healthy dose of skepticism. Our social data validates this, showing Gen Z expresses less trust than any other generation. With the trust metric correlating to purchase intent, brands need to break through this wall.

Consumer trust is a strong indicator of purchase intent. We found these social listening metrics are significantly correlated. As consumers express trust in a topic, they also express an intent to purchase.

More authentic posts from Gen Z influencers drive purchase intent over partnered posts

Gen Z may be turned off by partnered posts with influencers and brands. Our social insights show that this generation connects more with authenticity and is soured by luxury brands promoted by influencers.

The best way to measure how well your influencer message is resonating with the right audience is to analyze the comments. You can use social listening to dive deep into the comments -  and the people who write to them - to find out sentiment, emotions and themes of the conversations. This analysis will help you accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaign and learn more about audiences.

American Eagle wins over Gen Z on metrics like Intent to Purchase, Fit and Favorability

While up-cycling brands and other innovators are growing, apparel mainstays remain relevant.  Among a selection of top retailers popular with Gen Z, American Eagle scores highest overall, winning metrics like Favorability, Intent to Purchase and Fit. Old Navy also fares well, leading on metrics like Love and Favorability.
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