Dad's Personas and What Brands Need to Know: A Social Insights Report

Learn crucial new details from social listening about the modern dad and how brands can use the data.

One thing is for certain: dads are anything but the sitcom stereotype. The biggest mistake a brand can make is assuming anything about dads. In this Social Listening Report for Dads Personas, we put the "dad" in data to reveal the different types of dads and shatter all of your assumptions.

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Today's Dads have purchasing power

In sharp contrast to some commonly held assumptions, Millennial dads dominate purchase-based conversations compared to past generations, underscoring the importance of marketing effectively to dads. When you breakdown purchase conversation by each of the featured personas, it’s clear that all of them express intent to buy, and that the kids have an impact on shopping behaviors for dads.
Dad's have purchasing power

Dads bust stereotypes by posting their interests online

What better way, then, to figure out what dads think and feel than listening to what they actually say firsthand? Analyzing leading topics and key phrases from social conversations by dads, it’s clear: dads define themselves in a myriad of ways and vary greatly on interests and activities.

We analyzed common topics and related keywords for dads using our new interactive Topic Clusters feature to prove that the reality of dad interests breaks from the common stereotypes. Many dads describe themselves as creative, entrepreneurial, tech savvy, and video gamers, far from the typical dad prescription:

Custom audience analysis reveals 6 key dad segments

When looking at conversation across three groups, trends in conversation starts to show how those themes differ and have overlap. The largest disparity in conversation happens between veterinarians and pet parents. This is interesting for pet brands that are looking to use veterinary influencers to help connect with pet parents.

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Sports Enthusiast, Self-Defined #Proud, Fitness Minded, and Creative Dads make up our 6 key segments discovered with social listening.

Dad personas overlap & don’t

Dads’ online conversations offer crucial insight on who they are and what they are interested in. Sports Enthusiasts and Fitness Minded Dads have the most in common, while Entrepreneurs and Proud fathers are the most distinct. Inside Infegy Atlas, each author has unique identifiers that allow the system to identify how each source overlaps with any other.

Spotify & Twitch are Dad favorites

Dad personas have varying feelings and behaviors around certain brands and categories. Entrepreneur Dads talk most positively about brands overall; Creative and Sports Dads talk the most negatively. The top brands among all dad personas: Twitch, Spotify, and Nike.

Creative dads have the strongest negative sentiment about Walmart but make up a small percentage of the overall Walmart conversation. Conversely, Gamer dads make up a significant portion of the positive conversation about apple but their overall sentiment towards Apple skews negative (meaning way more of their conversation is actually negative).

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  • How do dads’ online behavior differ?
    Which types of dads are more likely to talk about their kids on a daily basis?
    Which types of dads shop the most?
    Why does the proud father sentiment decrease when talking about their kids?
    Do Dads Game? Spoiler alert: yes they do.