Text analysis with Infegy's Nlu

Process text information like never before. Infegy IQ — built to handle massive datasets and high-volume streams of unstructured textual data — is the most accurate, robust, and performant system available. Developed over more than a decade to handle Infegy's exponentially-growing dataset of messy, multi-lingual web data, this system has evolved into the industry's most sophisticated NLU platform. Wielding this powerful AI, your applications can break down sentences to their finite details, understanding the true meaning of the text.

Super Smart

  • Native analysis of 35 languages, covering 72% of the world's population
  • 96% average sentiment precision trained on diverse corpora
  • Continuous language updates through machine learning
  • Broad functionality, with emotion, sentiment, classification, topics, entity detection and more

Lightning Fast

  • Sub-millisecond processing latency for ultra-quick response
  • Throughput up to 1 Gbps
    (~1 million data parts per second)
  • Receive full analysis output in a single request at fixed costs

Easy Integration

  • HTTP/S API for broad support and quick implementation
  • Streaming APIs for high-throughput, low-latency at scale
  • Robust encryption for secure data transmission
  • Compression saves bandwidth

Broad Global Language Support

No translation needed. Infegy supports 70% of the global population with in-language analytics. Each language is fully-supported, trained from millions of documents across a broad range of subject matter, so meaning is not lost in translation. There are no limitations, any language in unicode is usable, including emoji.

35 Languages Fully-supported
172 detectable

72% population coverage,
96% of social data


Top Features

Advanced A.I.

The latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence for text analysis, providing the broadest and most accurate understanding of language.

Sentiment and emotion

Beyond just polarity, understand sentimental intensity, along with expressed emotions, such as joy, anger, or love.

Entity Detection

Robust extraction of mentioned entities, as learned from Wikipedia, including information such as a person's age, or company's stock symbols, and relationships to other entities.

Topical classification

Classify documents into one of nearly 700+ topical categories over two tiers, derived from the IAB taxonomy.


Provide dictionaries to use for your own interpretation of sentiment, emotions, themes and tagging. Soon, you'll be able to quickly train your own models, simply by providing labeled text.

Messy Data?
No Problem

Built to handle the web's messiest data, we can ingest anything from plain ASCII to complex HTML with broken unicode, no pre-cleaning or preparation required.


Native analysis with full functionality in 36 languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and more. Language detection for 172 languages.


An easy-to-use HTTP API will let you send a single doc as a URL parameter to get you up and running quickly. Streaming APIs will let you scale to millions of documents per second.

Don't rely on human intervention any longer. Experience the world's leading text analytics platform backed by record-breaking analytics and a dedicated team of experts to support you whenever you need it. With Infegy, you're not just a number - you are a valuable partner.

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