Social Listening with Infegy Atlas

Infegy Atlas offers premier social listening tools and services, helping you understand audiences and consumers like never before. Turn billions of online conversations into actionable consumer insight that can help you with market research, customer persona development, brand research, campaign tracking, competitive intelligence, demographics, industry white space, sentiment analysis, influencers, crisis management and more.
Social Data

Data from billions of online conversations

  • Online conversations from 400M sources
  • Social and online user analysis from 2007
  • Balanced + normalized source distribution
  • From city to global post level data
  • Languages covering 96% of global conversations
search system

Lightning fast,
search system

  • Unlimited searches with instant analysis
  • 120+ metrics and trends
  • Filters from hundreds of criteria
  • Refine searches instantly
  • Easy to use for light users + advanced depth for power users

Refine, visualize + share instantly

  • Always get results in seconds
  • Side-by-side results search topics
  • Dig into post-level data to uncover insights
  • Collaborate to share research
  • White label and automate social listening reports

Custom Real-Time Dashboards

Don’t just analyze social data, present it with style.With our reporting platform Infegy Canvas, you can create custom reports with data directly from Infegy’s social listening and intelligence platform. Leverage Canvas for client presentations + full-service reporting, and team meetings to keep everyone up to speed with beautiful reports, no design experience required. Short on time? Use Canvas templates for turnkey dashboards you can build in minutes.

200+ Components

WHITE LABEL for clients


Top Features

volume of conversation

Easily report on key share of voice metrics and gauge how topics are growing or shrinking over time.

topic clusters

Quickly identify and pinpoint how related topics are connected to each other.

named entities

Our automation & AI will let you instantly identify other brands, celebrities, or products that take place in conversations.


Use advanced AI to automatically identify, group, and name thematic conversations over time.


Cutting edge, subject-specific sentiment analysis for more accurate results with a platform that understands context of human conversation.


Save hundreds of hours by using automatically classified themes such as purchase intent, trust, and service.


Explore new potential audiences based on hundreds of lifestyle categories consumers discuss when they aren’t talking about your brand.

Audience segmentation

Pinpoint audience demographics, psychographics and market-level geography.

post-level filters

Want to see all posts by females with positive sentiment that mention purchase intent and cost on blogs? You can do just that.

smart queries® 

Develop data-driven profiles of your audiences, competitor audiences, and specific audience segments.

in-language analysis

Leverage analysis of conversational drivers like audience interests, emotions, passion and intensity and purchase intent.

market-level post data

Drill into market specific stats to gain additional insights into campaign performance.

No other social analytics platform is like Atlas. Get millions of data points you can’t find anywhere else to make the intelligence-driven, research-based decisions your business needs and deserves.

And with Infegy you don't just get a tool you get access to the world's leading social analytics platform backed by a team to support you.




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