Transform any text into insight

Bring your own data or have Infegy get review data from places like Amazon, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, the Apple App Store, and more. With Infegy’s end-to-end solution, you can upload, store, search and analyze data instantaneously. Analyze everything from customer surveys, chat logs, online reviews, spreadsheets, online forms and other business documents. Let the technology do the heavy lifting for you - get classifications, sentiment analysis, linguistics analysis, emotions, themes, and other analysis of structured and unstructured text.
Any Data

Upload any text easily

  • Store and process structured and unstructured text
  • Insights from online reviews, chat logs, customer surveys + more
  • Interactive UI + HTTP/S APIs
  • Upload data in Excel, CSV, JSON and more
  • Intuitive dashboard for simplified data upload, no data scientists required
  • 35 fully-supported languages
search system

Search and analyze quickly

  • Analyze with natural language understanding instantly
  • Use AI-derived dictionaries and themes
  • Build custom or use existing libraries
  • Topic extraction, named entities, sentiment, themes
  • 95% accuracy out-of-the-box (96% precision, 98% recall)

Visualize, store and access

  • Quickly segment and analyze your data for trends and insights
  • Build and customize rich analytics dashboards
  • Instantly reprocess data instead of waiting hours or days (with no added cost)
  • Store data in our cloud--based platform to access instantly
  • Overlay any data alongside social data for correlation

Custom Real-Time Dashboards

Don’t just analyze the data, present it with style. With our reporting console Infegy Canvas, you can build custom reports from your data. Use for client presentations and team meetings to keep everyone up to speed with beautiful reports, no design experience required.

200+ Components

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Top Features

interactive ui platform

Cutting edge sentiment analysis for more accurate results with a platform that understands human conversation.

data cleansing + mining

Develop data-driven profiles of your audiences, competitor audiences, and specific audience segments


Full analysis of results returned within seconds, streaming up to 1Gbps


Sentiment, entities, emotions, passion, themes, intensity ,intent, topics, demographics, subjects, geo-location, custom tags, and more

data warehouse

Store historical data in our cloud--based platform to search, filter, and access billions of text documents instantly.


Use AI sourced dictionaries and themes, build custom or bring previously built customer libraries to incorporate


With our unique data visualization tools, you can quickly segment and analyze your data for trends and insights.


Pinpoint audience demographics, psychographics and market-level geography

Gain new insights from the documents you already have. And that means you spend less time searching for answers and more time turning those answers into solutions. If you’re not using Infegy Discover to discover new insights at mind melting speeds, you’re missing out.




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