Social listening

Research and analyze the billions of online conversations about topics most important to you.

Custom data analysis

Upload your own structured or unstructured text into the only end-to-end solution for in-depth text analysis.

Text analytics

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with machine learning and AI to analyze any data.

real-time dashboards

Analyze and organize your data into beautiful reports and real-time dashboards to share internally or with clients.

Intelligent, Fast, Precise

Natural Language Understanding Technology

  • Industry-leading linguistic analysis
  • 91% accuracy out-of-the-box, in seconds
  • Search + segment by hundreds of audiences like Moms + Gen Z
  • AI-sourced dictionaries and themes
  • 28+ supported languages analyzed natively for global coverage
One-of-a-kind Consumer Insights

Leading Social Listening Intelligence

  • Deep historical analysis covering 12+ years
    Consumer feedback, thoughts, and emotions from 400+ million online sources
    In-app filters for refining search and accurate results on the fly
    Custom audience segmentation for targeted consumer research
    Normalized, robust data sets for more precise sentiment analysis and brand health reporting

A Company that Thrives on Data

  • Thought leaders with deep industry background and knowledge
  • 15+ Years of Natural Language Understanding R+D
  • Insights Delivered Over 80 Different Industries
  • A full team with deep advertising technology roots
  • We believe in the power of cutting edge data and well made tools

Our Clients Love Us

Evan Dunn

Transform digital

“If you are looking for a social listening tool, stop looking. This one’s it.”

James O’Brien

Jet blue

“Exceptional tool that continues to surprise me.”

Elizabeth Gorman

CEB Iconoculture

"No other social intelligence tool can touch Infegy Atlas when it comes to market research.”

Brooke Robinson

harbinger communications

"I have on-boarded Infegy in two of my previous roles and can confidently say their product and service are well worth the investment. The interface can be used by both amateur and expert users, the dashboard offers eye-pleasing graphics for reporting, and your Account Managers are always willing to go above and beyond."

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