Social Radar belongs to a category of SaaS products known as social media monitoring, but it's better described as a social media intelligence platform.

The system moves beyond simple number counting to give brands, agencies, and researchers answers that help them understand consumers through advanced analysis of social media. Answers like what moms think about sugar as it relates to cereal, what drives sales for nail polish, and if the Playstation 4 will outsell the Xbox One.

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Unique Features


More than one billion people share dialog online every day on social media sites, blogs, and forums. In fact, smartphones alone are mentioned on the web nearly 100 times per second. This massive amount of data is a gold mine for business intelligence and consumer insights. Social Radar collects, processes and understands this wealth of online dialog, ensuring our clients can decipher consumer thoughts, opinions and desires, track and predict trends, and create and market better products.

Data Sources and Collection

Social Radar is Big Data

Since 2006, Social Radar’s crawlers have been scouring the web for consumer dialog. From major social networks like Twitter and Facebook, to blogs, news sites and community forums, our aggregators collect from every corner of the web. Focusing on capturing a broad dataset, we ensure analysis of the widest array of consumers possible. In addition, Social Radar includes our industry-leading historical dataset spanning more than seven years across all channels for any subject at no additional cost.

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After finding data, Social Radar’s four-stage filtering process goes into action. This process ensures we store only clean, quality data, excluding spam, sales material, search feeds and other junk that would otherwise cloud our analysis. Quality data input is a big contributor to Social Radar’s insightful analysis.


7+ years historical data
Beyond social networks
Powerful spam filtering
Clean, high quality data

Analysis and Understanding

Deep Analysis in Seconds

The incredible volume of data posted to the social web makes traditional manual analysis impractical at best, and in many cases, impossible. Turning our vast collection of dialog into powerful insight takes advanced technology. Developed in-house, Social Radar’s cutting-edge linguistics technology allows us to truly understand language to extract a wealth of deep knowledge, from sentiment and tone to advanced topic extraction, theme categorization and more.

For a computer, understanding human language is no trivial task. Fortunately, our technology takes Natural Language Processing to the next level. Built for the web, it understands grammar, even with poorly written text. Industry-unique subject-specific analysis and self-learning performed for your request ensures accurate processing of sentiment and topic extraction, even in complex and long-form texts.

All this technology ensures world-beating accuracy, giving you data you can trust. Our technology provides deep understanding of five major languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.

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Proprietary technology
Understands grammar
Subject-specific analysis
Multiple Languages

Analysis PDF

Learn more about our automated analysis systems with this detailed PDF.

Highlighted Features

The Most Powerful Research Platform Available

Social Radar is packed with functionality. With a wealth of insight, robust and powerful filters, 7+ years of historical data, and reporting. Below are some of our highlights to give you a taste of what the platform has to offer.
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Sub-topic analysis enables you to research specific facets of any subject. Understand insight around a specific product feature, or analyze from within a broader context.

Historical Data

Find patterns and perform deep historical analysis using Social Radar’s industry-leading archive spanning 7+ years for any subject at no additional cost.   

Audience Segments

Create powerful custom filters based on rich individual profiling data, like an instant massive focus group. Examples include Moms, owners of a competitor's product, and enthusiasts.

Rich Reporting

A plethora of reporting options, including custom client dashboards, raw data exporting, chart images and even tailored interactive access for your clients.


Know more about your consumers, including gender, country and U.S. states, influence and even sophistication of writing, as both data and as filters.

Dynamic Comparisons

Compare subjects together, contrasting your information with competitors, key features of your own product, or your latest release with your last for powerful context.

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Support and Customer Service

Beyond a Vendor, We're Your Partners

We don't see ourselves as simply technology providers. We're your research partner, here to help you maximize value every step of the way. A Social Radar subscription includes access to support, with your own dedicated account representative available to help you with any questions you may have. Our 30-60-90 day training program ensures you're able to effectively utilize Social Radar right from the start of your subscription.

We also ensure your staff is taking full advantage of the Social Radar platform, with live training and setup, and availability for future training sessions as your staff expands, or if they need a simple refresher. You're never alone with Social Radar; we're always here to help!

Going beyond support, we can even provide reporting and analysis services. Have to get an insightful research deliverable out on a tight crunch? Our Social Radar experts can save the day.


Live training
Comprehensive support
Personal account rep.
Professional services

Support PDF

Learn more about our dedicated support with this detailed PDF.

Use Cases and Major Verticals

Everything You Need to Know Your Consumers

Social Radar provides nearly instantaneous insight into consumers for nearly any subject you can imagine. The uses are nearly infinite, but here are a few key ways our clients are utilizing this incredible platform in their businesses every day.

Consumer Research

Supplement or, in some cases, replace traditional focus groups and customer surveys with Social Radar's analysis. Save time, money and analyze a broader audience.

Marketing Refinement

Understand what your customers want, what they love and what they don't, and speak their language. Powerful content analysis can help you craft your message better, and know who should be seeing it.

Audience Analysis

Compare markets, individual profiles and demographics to learn who your customers really are, or who they could be. Incredible filtering lets you enter new markets equipped with more knowledge than ever before.

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The Best Platform for the Best Companies

Key Differentiators

Uniquely Capable and Industry-Leading

We're here to push the boundaries, utilizing our passion for technology to pursue the future of market research and consumer insight, utilizing the wealth of data available online. We think differently about what's possible, and as a result, we've created a research platform unlike any other. Below are just a few of the ways we've gone above and beyond.

Cutting-Edge Analysis

Available nowhere else, our unique analysis capabilities were built for web and social data from the start. This technology is our focus, not licensed from third parties, ensuring you get the most from every piece of dialog with maximum possible accuracy.

Relentless Innovation

We are in a relentless pursuit to improve Social Radar, always developing new technologies to extract more and better insight from our ever-growing dataset. We update Social Radar constantly, on average every 2 days, keeping you at the forefront of innovation.

Built For Research

We go way beyond just simply doing social media analytics. Built from the ground up for research companies and agencies, with unique functionality like Audience Segmentation, our focus has always been pushing market research forward.

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Pricing and Features

Base Price $4,000 / Month
Additional Logins $1,000 / Login / Month
Historical Data 7+ Years
Data Coverage 240+ Countries
Number of Languages Collected 67+
Sentiment Processing Subject (default), Sentence, and Document
Number of Query Topics Unlimited
Number of Query Requests Unlimited
Training and Support Unlimited
Gender Detection
Audience Segmentation
Results Within Seconds
Channel and Demographic Filtering
Robust Spam Filtering
Real-Time API Access

*Social Radar is sold and billed on an annual basis. Alternate terms affect pricing. Custom expert analysis and reporting is quoted on a per-project basis.

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Full Access to Social Radar Insight in Your Applications

Social Radar features a robust API, accessible via HTTPS and returning either JSON, XML or Excel (XLS) data. Our interface is built on top of the API, so you can be confident it is battle-tested and features the full wealth of Social Radar's functionality. Easy to use and fast, our API can supplement your applications with incredible consumer insight information.

The API is priced based on usage. Contact us and we'll work with you on your project to provide an accurate estimate of cost.

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