How Infegy Atlas has made heroes of brands & agencies

Infegy Atlas has helped brands learn things they never would have known, make connections they never would have made, and make decisions not with stale research, but with confidence.

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The 4 key elements that elevate Infegy Atlas above the rest

Infegy Atlas evolves social intelligence beyond simple number counting to giving users answers through four key areas of focus: Discovery, Comparison, Linguistics, and Data.

Atlas Discovery: Shows you what’s important

Infegy Atlas Discovery Functionality

Combing through more than 100 trended datapoints, Infegy Atlas automatically generates stories to tell you what’s happening with your subject, highlights key events over time, and describes the data, taking you beyond the charts and straight to answers.

A revolution in social media analysis.

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Atlas Linguistics: Understands text like a human

Infegy Atlas is powered by our own Infegy Linguistics, able to read and interpret text more like a human than software. This technology, developed at Infegy over more than seven years, is capable of incredibly complex language analysis, giving you reliable and rich analysis of social commentary.

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Atlas Comparison: Easily collates, compares and contrasts

Infegy Atlas Comparison Functionality

Run up to six unique subjects at once, and Infegy Atlas will give you rich insight into how they compare, what makes them different, and what they have in common. Datasets are analyzed together, giving you new information impossible to find with a single subject alone.

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Atlas Data: Broad, spam-filtered and stretching through 2007

The longest running social data collection in the business, broadly sourced from numerous channels, normalized to reflect the general population, and rigorously spam-filtered to ensure accurate, trustworthy results.

Seven Years of Data

Broadly Sourced Data

Clean Data


Billions of Conversations

Huge Data Collection

Pricing: Straight-forward and designed for ultimate flexibility

Every license includes unlimited searches, topics, no limits on data and full access to our industry-best historical data archive spanning through 2007. Stop getting nickled-and-dimed, and never worry about extra bills.

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Additional Seats

Data Coverage 240+ Countries
Number of Languages Collected 67+
Sentiment Processing Subject (default), Sentence, and Document
Results Within Seconds
Automatic Summarization of Key Events & Topics
Theme & Emotion Analysis (Trust, Purchase Intent, etc)
Filter by Audience Segments (Moms, Enthusiasts, Brand Advocates)
Filter by Channel, Time of Day, Day of Week, Geography, & Demographics
Broadly Sourced Dataset w/ Robust Spam Filtering
Real-Time API Access
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Infegy Atlas is billed on an annual basis; alternate terms affect pricing.

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