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Software that makes it easy to gain actionable intelligence from social media data

How Infegy Atlas creates social media research rockstars

Infegy Atlas automates much of the human element involved in analyzing social media data, helping you discover deep insights you wouldn’t otherwise find, while also saving you massive amounts of time.

Automated Analysis

True social media intelligence that automatically detects themes like purchase intent, emotions like trust, and key events and their drivers.

Instant Results

Instantly mine data in real-time or all the way back to 2007. The system requires no training and you don’t have to wait for results.

Interactive Discovery

Rather than guessing what widgets to place on a dashboard, Infegy Atlas interactively guides you to insight, letting you explore the data.

Powerfully Simple

With advanced capabilities like audience segment filters, API data previews, and one-click exports, Infegy Atlas is powerful yet simple.

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Audience Segmentation

Better, more targeted research through customizable and default audience segments for understanding specific consumer groups.

Unlimited Access

Run as many searches as you want, as far back as you’d like, with no caps, and have data ready to search for before you even setup an account.

Accurate Results

Built by data scientists for exacting researchers, Atlas has been validated to be the most accurate platform by the largest unbiased test performed in the industry.

8+ Years Historical Data

Broadly sourced from multiple channels, normalized to reflect the general population, and rigorously spam filtered to ensure accurate and trustworthy results.


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Infegy Atlas has been independently rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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Elizabeth Gorman

Elizabeth Gorman
Global Social Media Analyst
CEB Iconoculture

Jason Carrigan

Jason Carrigan
‎Sr. Director of Digital Marketing
Sonic Drive-In

Federico Moctezuma

Federico Moctezuma
Analytics and Insight Director
MEC Global

Infegy Atlas Pricing

Infegy Atlas is cloud-based software that is accessed through a web browser with a broadband connection and billed on a subscription basis.

Every account includes unlimited queries and access to the industry’s most comprehensive data set that goes all the way back to 2007.

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