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Beyond volume and sentiment, get to the heart of what consumers think, discuss, and how they feel about topics and brands through almost instant analysis of millions of social conversations.

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Infegy’s technology generates intelligent answers about online conversations through automated data summaries, event detection and contextual overlays, getting you what you want to know and wouldn’t otherwise discover, in just a matter of seconds.

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Recent Blog Posts

E-Cigarettes, A Gateway to Tobacco Products?

By: Tiffany Tran September 22nd, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are taking a strong stance in the cigarette industry with increasingly positive health perceptions of vaping and strong online interest by consumers aged 24 and younger. CONTINUE READING

2014 Health and Diet Trends, The Rise of Probiotics

By: Rion Martin September 3rd, 2014

Weight Watchers is America's favorite commercial diet, pre-packaged health is losing its allure, Midwest consumers are the least health conscious, and probiotics have rocketed to the top of health food trends. CONTINUE READING

The 66th Emmys, When Breaking Bad Won Everything

By: Rion Martin August 25th, 2014

While the 66th Emmys will likely be quickly forgotten, there are a few moments that just might live on. This post covers those moments as well as the declining interest in the Emmys. CONTINUE READING

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