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Beyond volume and sentiment, get to the heart of what consumers think, discuss, and how they feel about topics and brands through almost instant analysis of millions of social conversations.

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Infegy’s technology generates intelligent answers about online conversations through automated data summaries, event detection and contextual overlays, getting you what you want to know and wouldn’t otherwise discover, in just a matter of seconds.

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Recent Blog Posts

Why Most Sentiment Accuracy Claims are Bullsh*t

By: Rion Martin December 2nd, 2014

If you've ever researched or demoed a social media tool with built-in sentiment analysis, at some point you've probably found yourself asking, "can I really trust this?" In most cases, you shouldn't. Here's why, and what you can do to evaluate accuracy claims. CONTINUE READING

Travel in 2014 - Ebola, Bucket Lists and Destination Weddings

By: Rion Martin November 19th, 2014

Current trends in travel, outlook for the 2014 holiday travel season, why people are traveling, how they’re getting there, where they’re staying, and what they use to plan and book their trips. CONTINUE READING

5 Things to Look for in a Social Media Monitoring Platform

By: Maxx Krueger November 11th, 2014

Modern research, PR, and social teams have a fast paced gig and they need to stay on top of the most current trends on the web. At some point, and scale, these teams will need a tool that can make sense of the massive amounts of online conversations. When they're ready to make the move, here are five things these teams should look for in a social media monitoring and intelligence platform. CONTINUE READING

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