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Sentiment Analysis

This report explains how automated sentiment analysis works and Infegy's more advanced approach to traditional methods

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Top 50 Brands Q3 2013

The Top 50 Social Brands is an interactive report that benchmarks companies by volume of positive dialog surrounding each brand in 2013

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Social Opinion Polling

This report explores how social analysis can be used to replace traditional market research methods, particularly public opinion polling.

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Recent Blog Posts

Facebook Buys Oculus, Early Adopters Revolt

The very people who helped launch Oculus are turning out in droves announcing their intentions to drop all support for the company going forward. To them the merger with Facebook completely changes what Oculus stands for and what the company aims to achieve. As a result their passion has been rechanneled into a crusade against the company, and this crusade has generated some insanely comical responses. Check out this post for the top 5 greatest responses.

The Battle to Bring Dragon Ball Z to Netflix

After more than 3,000 unique visits to our Netflix blog post, almost 300,000 social media posts in the last year, 872,000 Google search results, and two Facebook groups seeking to finally get Dragon Ball Z on Netflix, we’ve decided to lead the fight to help make it happen.

Infographic: What Facebook Bought With Its $19 Billion Acquisition Of WhatsApp

This infographic details what Facebook got for their massive $19 billion acqusition of WhatsApp, including $3 billion in stock for employees.