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Beyond volume and sentiment, get to the heart of what consumers think, discuss, and how they feel about topics and brands through almost instant analysis of millions of social conversations.

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Infegy’s technology generates intelligent answers about online conversations through automated data summaries, event detection and contextual overlays, getting you what you want to know and wouldn’t otherwise discover, in just a matter of seconds.

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Recent Blog Posts

The Differences Between Social Monitoring, Listening, and Analytics

By: Rion Martin June 18th, 2014

Social media monitoring, listening, analytics, and intelligence are often used synonymously, but in reality each term actually describes something quite different. To help clarify the key differences between these, and other important terms used in the social media monitoring space, we've put together a master list of terminology. CONTINUE READING

Omnicom Sees Future Importance of Mobile Ads, Inks $230m Deal With Twitter

By: Tiffany Tran June 1st, 2014

With Twitter announcing year-to-year ad revenue growth of 125% and 80% of all ads being viewed on mobile, Omnicom has placed a $230m bet that Twitter will become an even more powerful platform for mobile advertising. CONTINUE READING

Facebook Buys Oculus, Early Adopters Revolt

By: Rion Martin March 26th, 2014

The very people who helped launch Oculus are turning out in droves announcing their intentions to drop all support for the company going forward. To them the merger with Facebook completely changes what Oculus stands for and what the company aims to achieve. As a result their passion has been rechanneled into a crusade against the company, and this crusade has generated some insanely comical responses. Check out this post for the top 5 greatest responses. CONTINUE READING

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